The present policy aims at laying out the rules regarding personal data protection, that the National Federation of the Maize and Sorghum Seed Production (hereinafter referred to as the “FNPSMS”) commits to observe, as an entity in charge with data processing and as part of the personal data processing activities that it carries out via the website found at: (hereinafter “the Site”).

These rules pertain to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”) – on the protection of natural persons in matters of personal data processing and free movement of such data – , which repeals Directive 95/46/EC.

For any questions regarding your “IT and Freedoms” rights and FNPSMS processing your personal data, please write us at:

  • or by posting a signed letter to 23-25 avenue de Neuilly – 75116 Paris.


1/ Definitions

The FNPSMS shall hereinafter be referred to as “FNPSMS” or “we”; its role is that of Data Processor and shall be referred to as such in what follows.

The term “User” designates the internet users who connect themselves, browse, view, and use the website.

The term “Personal Data” designates the personal data that are subject to processing by the Data Processor.


2/ Data Processor

As Data Processor, it is only up to the FNPSMS to establish the purposes for which it will collect the data or the means by which it will process the personal data entered on the Site.


3/ Collected Personal Data

Every time personal data are collected, the user will get notified in that respect and they will also be informed on the reasons why their data is collected.
The data collection and processing are done in order to meet one or several objectives that are set beforehand. Also, only the data that are deemed necessary for the objectives of the Site are collected (data volume minimization).

No personal data is collected on this Site.


4/ Cookies

This Site uses no cookies.


5/ End Use of the Collection

We do not collect any type of personal data.


6/ Use and Storage of Your Personal Data

We do not collect any type of personal data.


7/ Information Sharing

Access to Personal Data

Persons who can access the collected Personal Data, within the limits of their respective attributes:

  • Persons in charge with IT service processing,
  • Subcontractors – as part of a subcontract that includes confidentiality and security obligations.

That being said, we do not process any type of personal data on this Site.

Personal Data Sharing and International Transfer

The Site is hosted on servers located in the European Union.

Communication for Legal Reasons

If the FNPSMS collected Personal Data, they would be shared with a third party only if the FNPSMS were compelled to do so by law, under a regulatory provision, as a result of a judge’s ruling or if the disclosure became necessary for the purposes of an inquiry, an injunction or for legal procedures initiated either domestically or abroad.
The Personal Data may be disclosed to companies, councils, or third parties in order to allow the FNPSMS to prevent any attempt on the User’s rights, goods, or security.


8/ Personal Data Security

Security measures are taken to protect the Site from any non-authorised access, disclosure, modification, damage, or destruction. In the event of a security breach, the necessary actions shall be taken.


9/ User’s Rights

The persons whose Personal Data have been collected shall have the following rights:

  • Access right,
  • Rectification right (updating or rectifying their data),
  • The right to delete one’s Personal Data,
  • The right to refuse the data collection and their processing, whether partial or total.

These rights enable you to change your notification preferences at any time, by either accepting or refusing the use of your Personal Data for the purposes of sales prospecting.
To learn more about the extent of your rights, we recommend that you consult the CNIL website. To exert your rights, you may contact us at:



Important notice: the present Policy on Personal Data processing may be subject to change. We therefore recommend that you consult our latest online version regularly and thus become informed on the latest developments, either by the website or by other means of communication.


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